we're baaaaccckkkkk

When and where is the next meeting?

We are targeting a meeting for the week of July 9th, 2018 within Chicago's Loop, River North, or Gold Coast Neighborhood at approximately 5:30pm. There will be food and drink available.

Who can I expect to meet at DC312 ?

We're an informal grouping of hackers, defenders, and security sellouts who are in currently or formerly in the Chicago-land area. Knowledge ranges from decades of experience to just starting out with a passion.

How do I "join" ?

There is no formal membership. Show up, get involved, and join in on the conversation to be an ambassador of the 312.

Is there a way to stay updated and/or in touch ?

Coming soon.

"I'm looking for someone to hack <X>. Can you help?"

DC312 does not condone or facilitate the commission of illegal acts.

Didn’t find what your are looking for ?

Reach out to info@dc312.org